18 February, 2018 Announcement

Video Preview Trailers

Video Preview Trailers Here is a selection of video preview trailers, showing the type of video content that features in our member area. Trailer 1 | Trailer 2 | Trailer 3 | Trailer 4 | Trailer 5 FetishFoto To see hundreds of video-clips and photo-galleries, join fetishfoto members website here – JOIN NOW! FetishFoto allows you unrestricted access to the private world of Peter Felix Kurtz….

27 October, 2017 Announcement

Champagne Time!

Champagne Time! fetishfoto has been through some changes lately.  For us, BIG and time-consuming changes, involving many months of hard monotonous work! We have moved the entire fetishfoto website (both the guest and member areas) to a new server – a secure server (https). We have redesigned and updated the member area entirely, with modern coding,…